Monday, 23 May 2016


Today in Enviroschools we started weeding our vegetable gardens. Hopefully soon we can head to our local mitre 10 and buy some winter crops to plant.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Pen Pals

Room 3 have started communicating with a class, same age as us, in Canada. In this photo we are reading our emails for the first time. 

If the world were an apple

This afternoon in our enviroschools group, we compared our world, our country to an apple. It was a really powerful activity which really shocked us and put things into perspective. We also unpacked "what is environment?" Then "how are we putting pressure on it?" We realised we can't change our world tomorrow, nor our country. But what we can do, is start making a change within our school and our habits will flow back into the community and homes.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Outdoor classroom

It is so hot at the moment in our classroom, we decided to go outside into our brand new fort and do our maths session in there. It was nice to get out amongst the breeze and the birds.


For statistics today, we went outside and recorded the different colours of cars which went past Bulls School. Once we had our data, we then had to display it into a bar graph and write a summary on it. 

Library revamp

Our library is in the schools old dental clinic. It is very small and crammed which has resulted in it being unorganised and not an overly exciting place to visit. The year 5/6 students have decided there is better ways of utilising the space in the library, so we got investigating with a birds eye view map and manovered furniture around. Once the librarians have been appointed, the will look at the plans and take them on board.

Relay for life

Bulls School have some snazzy looking teachers

Interest based projects

Mrs Hanson wanted to get to know Room 3 a bit better. So for homework Room 3 were to create a project on something they are interested in and present it however they like. 

Mother's Day

Room 3's Mothers Day cards

Easter Egg Hunt

Last day of school, before the Easter holidays, Room 3 took part in a scavenger hunt in the new fort.